About Preemptive

Get ahead, get Preemptive, the streamlined, effective way to manage inspections, PDIs, site inspections and manage issues and deficiencies. Our solution helps you manage your workflow and resolves problems easily, providing a complete oversight and provides total accountability.

Preemptive exists to save you you time, energy and money. From real-time updates, transparency for multiple locations, our platform provides a simple way to assign personnel tasks and monitor resolutions to automating recurring tasks and even connecting your business to the world of IoT. Whatever your requirement, w e can help you manage your workflow.

How the integration works?

By installing Preemptive on Daypack you will be able to view, track and manage unit deficiencies all within Daypack. Specific features include a snapshot of pending and resolved issues within your development dashboard, detailed reporting available for export into excel, and a tab within each unit summarizing deficiencies and resolution status.

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Preemptive helps you manage your workflow and maintenance requirements easily and with complete oversight and accountability.